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Spine Software

Spine surgery planning and navigation software powered by CBYON Eclipse.

Spinal navigation has a widely recognized track record and is exceptionally suited for a wide array of uses such as tumor removal, cervical fusion, trauma, and intricate deformity correction.

Software Features
CBYON Eclipse Navigation System’s features help provide real-time visual confirmation from beginning to end:
  • Precision Planning: Helps achieve pinpoint accuracy in incision and trajectory planning with our extensive range of instruments
  • Image Fusion Mastery: Seamlessly navigate multiple CT and MR scans in real-time, enabling you to make informed decisions on the fly
  • DRR View: Gain insight into your surgical path with our Digital Radiography view
  • Implant Agnostic: Offering you flexibility in your surgical approach
  • Streamlined Workflow: Experience an elegant, efficient workflow designed to enhance your surgical precision.
  • Real-Time Visualization: See your instruments in action on 2D images, 3D scans, and MR or CT scans in real time, ensuring you’re always in control
  • MIS Compatible: Seamlessly support minimally invasive procedures, enhancing patient outcomes
  • Radiation-Free: No intraoperative CT required for surface registration
Spine navigation enhances the surgeon's expertise and knowledge, providing the surgeon supplementary insights and direction.
Versatile Registration Choices

You can choose between adopting a registration technique that seamlessly integrates with your existing intraoperative imaging tools or utilize surface matching based on the patient’s pre operative CT scan

  • Surface Registration
  • Automatic Image Registration
  • Rapid Revision Registration
  • Precision Planning
  • Full Instrumentation Suite

Surface Registration

Surface Matching is a fast registration method based on a preoperative CT scan designed for open surgeries. Registration is performed with the pointer on the bone surface. The software matches the acquired points with the preoperative CT scan in just a few seconds.
  • Accurate registration in seconds
  • Radiation Free: No intraoperative CT required or expensive equipment
  • Allows multiple registrations and ability to instantly switch between them
  • Surgeon driven with footswitch
Step #1

Take 3-4 orientation points

Step #2
Take 20 points on the surface of the bone
Step #3

Verify accuracy and proceed to navigation

Automatic Image Registration

This scanner independent method provides registration of patient data acquired through intraoperative 3D X-ray imaging devices.

  • Eliminates need to access anatomical landmarks
  • Optimizes the workflow while maintaining the preoperative surgical plan for open, small incision and minimally invasive spine procedures
  • Seamlesly integrates into your existing surgical workflow

Rapid Revision Registration

Paired Point Registration

Utilizing paired point or landmark registration, we seamlessly achieve rapid and precise registration based on existing landmarks. Experience the unparalleled clarity of CBYON’s Hardware Preset View, where existing implants come to life, ensuring effortless point identification and seamless data collection.

Precision Planning

Pre-plan Screws
Carefully assess and pre-plan the placement of all screws prior to surgery. This guarantees that the correct screws are prepared well in advance, ensuring seamless integration before the commencement of the procedure. Subsequently, align your navigational instruments with the predetermined trajectories for precise execution.
Plan And Update During Surgery
CBYON Spine Navigation empowers you to dynamically plan screws as needed and instantly modify pre-planned screw placements during surgery.

Full Instrumentation Suite

Choose Your Instrument Of Choice
With CBYON, navigating instrumentation is easy. Our rapid and straightforward calibration method allows you to calibrate most instruments with speed and ease. Additionally, CBYON instruments come pre-calibrated, enabling their immediate use within seconds.
Spinal navigation has a well-established track record and is exceptionallysuited for a wide array of uses, including cervical fusion, intricate deformitycorrection, tumor removal and trauma.
Software Features
CBYON Navigation System’s features help provide real-time visual confirmation from beginning to end:

Spine Software

Spine surgery planning and navigation software powered by CBYON Eclipse.
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