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Our Story

Our journey began with the development of the CBYON Image Guidance Surgery (IGS) System

Our story began with the brilliant minds at Stanford University from 1996 to 2002. Fast forward to 2019, MSSI took the reins and secured the rights to the CBYON IP, originally purchased by GE Medical. Through substantial investments in time and resources, CBYON has undergone a remarkable transformation.

As we survey the medical landscape, it’s evident that surgical navigation is evolving into Standard-of-Care. Advanced technologies, such as CBYON, have not only enhanced the safety and efficiency of surgeries but also allow surgeons to navigate with unprecedented accuracy. Our commitment at Med-Surgical is clear: to democratize these advancements, making cutting-edge surgical navigation accessible to all, because every patient deserves the benefits of a safer, quicker, and more efficient surgical experience.

Today, we proudly unveil the culmination of cutting-edge technology—the CBYON System, seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art computer hardware and navigation technology. It’s more than a system; it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in the medical technology landscape. With over 1,000 successful surgeries performed since our relaunch in June 2022, CBYON continues to refine and perfect the user experience. Elevate your surgical journey with CBYON Eclipse—the epitome of precision in surgery is here!

A Visual Timeline

February 1999
Cbyon, Inc. is founded in Palo Alto, CA
March 2000
The Cbyon System gets FDA Approval
February 2004
Cbyon IP is acquired by General Electric
June 2004
Med-Surgical is founded in Sunnyvale, CA
April 2017
Med-Surgical obtains licensing for Cbyon IP
November 2021
Med-Surgical moves HQ to Tempe, AZ
June 2022
Med-Surgical releases Cbyon Eclipse
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