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Navigation platforms have evolved into must-have equipment in the Operating Room, often coming with substantial costs, with some systems exceeding $1,000,000. Our approach to technology access is unique—we are steadfast in our belief of providing access for all. Schedule a demo today, and allow us to share our vision that promises significant budget savings while gaining insights into your specific needs.
At CBYON, we reject the concept of limited warranties or predefined periods of system usefulness. Schedule a demo to discover how we are reshaping the way hospitals access and support essential technologies for their patients and surgeons, emphasizing enduring value over time constraints.
We've forged a partnership with META Dynamic, specialists in 24/7/365 support for all navigation platforms. Having witnessed the service pitfalls of even the largest manufacturers, we recognized from the beginning that our customers deserve the utmost. META consistently delivers the best service for our customers. Schedule a demo to discover more about their exceptional service offerings.
Access our 24/7/365 service, support, and maintenance through our trusted distributors. For any assistance you may need, please call 714-577-8450.
CBYON Eclipse seamlessly accommodates most navigated procedures, including minimally invasive surgeries (MIS), providing versatile support for today's medical practices.
CBYON, a clever fusion of 'See Be-Yon-d'—or so we thought. We ardently champion medical navigation and its remarkable benefits, empowering us to surpass traditional capabilities and see beyond the ordinary.

"In essence, CBYON stands out for offering hospitals and patients:

  • Cutting-edge Technology
  • Versatility
  • Reliability
  • Cost savings
  • The best user-interface
  • The best service and support


Above all, we are dedicated to excellence. Our commitment extends to continuous innovation, development, and, most importantly, listening to our users to ensure we consistently deliver the best possible product.

To learn more about how CBYON can elevate your navigation experience, we invite you to schedule a demo. Experience firsthand the benefits and innovations that set us apart in the field of medical navigation.

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